Welcome to ScooTours Denver

Here we go! We’ve had a soft opening so far but as soon as tonight’s snow has melted, we’ll be underway. Spring will be here.

What have we done so far? We have thoroughly checked each scooter and made sure it is in tip-top shape. We have applied the branding elements (Rent Me! 720-523-3240, license plate with rental information, wrapped the seats in our signature safety green color, etc.). We have arranged for tour guides once our summer tour season starts. We have conducted a number of private tours for close friends.

We have also begun to let people know about ScooTours Denver. This is not limited to hotel employees in downtown Denver, but it includes coffee shops, restaurants, retail shops, etc.

We have had a few renters already. Our very first customer had such a great time renting scooters with her husband that they went straight over to the scooter store to buy the exact model they had enjoyed that morning. That is a pretty good testimonial.

Two of our other renters immediately went to yelp.com to give us five-star reviews which is very nice. Our other renters have all indicated that they have had a great time and will want to rent and ride again. And they have all found us during our slow ramp-up period.

Yes, our spring has had some snow. Yes, it is snowing today and tonight. Yes, tomorrow will be cold. But this is Denver. Wednesday will be cool. Thursday will be great and our weekend should be fantastic. If we have made any mistakes during this ramp-up period, it has been to listen too closely to predictions of cold and rain. We have decided to sit out on some days that were just plain superb for riding, at least in the middle of the day.

As the convention season gets started, we’ll try to welcome guests in and send them out to have some fun visiting Denver. And naturally, we will welcome our Denver and suburban visitors any time they like. Contact us for reservations at (720) 523-3240 for Denver scooter rental. We deliver.Image


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